Roadtrip to Portugal: getting started

After 3 years of working and traveling in Japan, we wanted to travel more around Europe. So where to go?

We decided to go to Portugal because it is still in driving range from Germany (2500km 😓), we haven’t been there yet and it should be great for surfing and camping!

What did we plan and prepare? 🤔… Nothing! We just bought the “lonely planet” and an ugly layouted but well written mobile home guide for Portugal.

Only fixed point of our 3 week trip was a 4 day break at a surfer lodge in Peniche…

So? We just threw everything more or less necessary in the car, filled the fridge with beer and were on our way.

After roughly 500km via the Highway and the Route nationale in France we looked for the first overnight stop options. First try a reservoir close to Blanzy. Beautiful place, but with a clear sign saying camping an caravaning is forbidden. So we checked for overnight parking areas and found a nice place at the Loire river in Digoin and placed our van close to a bunch of big mobile homes. Time for a sparkling wine at the river and a more or less good night sleep. Why more or less? Due to some driving action trough the village it sometimes got noisy 😝.

Next morning we had a fast French breakfast with coffee and croissant and on we went …

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