From Digoin to Braganca

After the short stay at the Loire, Digoin we continued driving with the rough target to get to Biarritz or San Sebastian in the evening.

With a short coffee stopover in Angoulême (beautiful old city with old churches and buildings, old city center, very touristic) we ended at the Atlantic ocean at a caravan parking spot close to the “Lac Marine de Port d’Albret“. It is a little bit touristic but because of so many options for water sports we stayed there even the next day… Beach day, surfing and SUP. All options available!

So for the next stop we wanted to visit the famous surfing spots of San Sebastián. But after driving 1,5 hours and arriving in the city, we decided it’s just too crowded to stay longer. I guess the spots we were looking for are a little bit outside the city. San Sebastians city center consists mainly of shopping malls and a promenade along the city beach… Nice but not what we wanted to do.

Anyway – we saved time and started the loooooong drive trough Spain. Be aware the whole area of “Castilla y León” are more or less cornfields and more cornfields….            So driving this 600km was really boring. Also the service areas are not as nicly prepared as in France 😁. Nethertheless: a stop over in a Spanish supermarket is always worth the time to buy olives, chorizo and other snacks!

In the evening we arrived in Braganca our first stop in Portugal where we bought a Vodafone data SIM card. Tired but happy we placed our van at the beautiful Camp Cepo Verdo and directly jumped into the pool..


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