Parque Natural de Monteshino, Parque Natural do Alvão and the first problem with the car

What to do around Braganca? Of course you can check the old city center and the castle! We decided to get more active after the long driving. So the next day we did a 8km hike through the hilly landscape of Parque Natural de Monteshino. It was incredible hot, the sun was burning and the flys were totally annoying! When reaching the river you can find an old mill (unspectacular) and a cafe/bar at the river (cozy) where you can take a dip into the water! Get a drink and enjoy the break because after that part the way is going up trough the heat again. It was a nice track but we really regret not to bring the bikes. Would have been more fun along the gravel paths, single trails and there are only short parts where you might have to carry the bike above some stones and roots. We asked afterwards: it’s not common to do it with an MTB but also not forbidden! Next time 😉

You always know better afterwards! The Parque Natural do Alvao has a more scenic and dramatic landscape than the Monteshino! Curvy, narrow roads lead the way uphill!

We didn’t plan to hike along the river and waterfall due to time, but at least we wanted to have a dip into the natural pools above Fisgas do Ermelo. Not as easy to find as expected but at the end we found a parking spot at the top from where we walked 10min to the edge of the river and the natural pools. Good spot to stay overnight as well!

It is worth to do the 12km hike along the river … But at least you should have a bath there 😊

And again I thought about the MTB possibilities in this national park… So many trails …

and then…. Since 2 days our breaks started to whistle a little bit and before damaging it completely we drove to a ROADY close to Porto (thanks to Really helpful team but nevertheless the spare parts were not available so we tried to get them sent to Peniche and drove with reduced breaking to the camp site near Porto.

The camping space is not new or fancy but clean, close to the beach (10min walk) and at the bus station in front of the gates there is a regular bus to the historic city center! Very convenient 😁

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