3 people in the little Camper. A Surfweekend in France & Spain

Not a long trip, but one which made me really happy (as soon as I’m sitting in the camper)! A long weekend in France for surfing. At this time not only Sascha and me but as well our friend Andi. So it got cozy! Luckily Andi brought a tent.

We filled the camper with beer & boards – No more free space – and drove overnight to Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains, close to Hossegor. As usually when coming here we parked between the Lagune and the beach (Area Auto Camping Car).

And we surfed … as much as possible as the swell was somewhere else. That’s why the next day we drove over to Hossegor and had a little bit more luck, as the waves were a little stronger. The good thing about going surfing in November: It’s not crowded! Also not on the Caravan parking directly at the beach (Aire de repos campers Capbreton)

Yes, it was cold after getting out of the water, but thanks to our new heating in our Camper Klaus at least for some moments we could have it warm 🙂

To get more waves we drove further to Zarautz. Worth the 200km! Colder but better waves, a nice camping area on top of the hill and some fun nights with a lot of walking to get back on the hill.

The very last day, the Atlantic showed us, how the mediteran sea should look like: It was just flat! So we enjoyed a lazy day at the beach with games and SUP before heading home on a 14hours journey.

As there was a road closing on the highway close to Freiburg we had to stop for a while in the middle of the night on the left lane, and this was one of the rare moments Klaus let us down. When we tried to start the car after 20min, there was no more power! Traffic fast started moving again and even with the battery pack there was no chance to get the car running again. The situation got dangerous and so we got fast behind the barrier between the lanes.

Seeing the fast running trucks on the left lane I was more than sure our camper gonna be hit. We were lucky…

After 20min the police, which we called, arrived and closed the street to get us on the right emergency lane where we got Klaus repaired by the ADAC. Lucky us! All of us including Klaus arrived safely in the early morning when work was waiting for us …

Yes: Even a long weekend is worth a surf trip!
Yes: You can survive a guys weekend if you are the only women, or as Andi said, you can survive a couples weekend when you join as a guy
No: Always try to get to the right lane when there is a road closure on the highway

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